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"The Merry Witch"

Book of Harp Arrangements by Lynn Saoirse:

The Merry WitchIt includes:

O'Neill's March
The Tamlin/Johnny's Wedding (reels)
Denis Murphy's & O'Keefe's Slides
Paddy Keenan's Jig
The Dusty Windowsill (jig)
Cahir's Kitchen (hornpipe)
Isabella Burke (Carolan)
Mr. O'Connor (Carolan)
Cape Clear (slow air)
Danish Quadrille
The Flower of Magherally
Samhradh, Samhradh
My Lagan Love
A Stór Mo Chroí

The title "The Merry Witch" comes from the Pierce Ferriter poem written in 1640

In Praise of the Harp

The key of music and its gate,
the wealth and abode of poetry!
The skillful neat Irish woman,
the richly festive moaner.
Children in dire sickness, men in deep wounds,
sleep at the sounds of its crimson board;
the merry witch has chased all sorrow,
the festive home of music and delight.

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